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When the pandemic hit, Dr. Eric Grutzner, MS, DDS, couldn’t get enough PPE gowns to keep his partners and his staff protected in their Minneapolis Endodontics practice. He tried to purchase a large supply of disposable gowns, which cost a fortune and was terrible for the environment. So he developed a gown and disinfection system that enabled the practice to have re-usable, hygienically clean gowns with every patient. The gowns are disinfected conveniently and locally in their office. The staff loved the new OverArmor system and he estimates it saved them over $100K a year in disposable gown costs.



Eric Grutzner, MS, DDS

Eric founded Metropolitan Endodontics in 1991 and has built it to one of the largest Endodontic practices in the Midwest. He has been President of the Minnesota Association of Endodontics and is a sought-after lecturer at Universities and Dental conferences. His research has been published in the Journal of Endodontics and The Journal of Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine. Since 1989, Eric has donated his time to numerous causes including, Hope Dental Clinic, Give Kids a Smile and the Donated Dental Services Program. He has led dozens of trips to Cusco, Peru and Ndola, Zambia with Pre-dental, medical and high school students, to provide free dental services. Eric attended the University of Wisconsin for three years and received his BS, Doctor of Dental Surgery and MS and Certificate of Endodontics from the University of Minnesota.

Fritz Grutzner
Co-Founder & President

Fritz has 30 years of business and marketing experience. He spent over a decade with Johnson & Johnson at positions in Europe and the US. He has founded two companies and worked on global brands on 5 continents. He serves on several boards including the United Way of Dane County (2019 Board Chair) and Maydm, which promotes girls and youth of color in STEM fields. Fritz has BA, MA, and MBA degrees, but readily admits that Eric is the smarter brother.


To allow for proper rotation between each patient, we recommend 4 gowns per employee per year.
While our ovens may heat sanitize other products, the recommended temperature and time settings are specific to our gowns and scrub caps. Therefore we do not guarantee or recommends using the ovens for other products/materials.
Both gowns provide safe, hygienically clean gowns for every patient. OverArmor Pro are Level 2 gowns that are wipeable and are impregnated with silver ions, a known antibacterial agent.
Studies based on the CDC recommendations for disinfection of reusable PPE have shown that using dry heat at 90°C (194°F) for 60 minutes is sufficiently effective to eliminate the coronavirus. The OverArmor system is designed to disinfect our gowns and caps in one hour and ensure that all parts of the gown are disinfected.
OverArmor gowns and caps are hygienically clean and ready to wear in 60 minutes using the OverArmor Disinfection Unit at 90º C (194ºF).
For best results, we recommend disinfecting up to 4 gowns at a time at 90º C (194ºF).
OverArmor and OverArmor Pro Gowns and Scrub Caps come in one size designed to fit all.
At this time we do not provide logo customization services. But it is a service we are considering in the future. Please let us know if such a service would be of interest to you and your practice.
In addition to disinfecting your gowns after each patient contact, we recommend a weekly machine washing of the gowns and caps at a gentle, warm water cycle. OverArmor Pro gowns and scrub caps maintain their antibacterial qualities through at least 50 washing machine cycles — or about one year.
Yes. OverArmor Gowns and Scrub Caps can be dried at at medium temp cycle.
Some minor wrinkling may be common following proper disinfection. This is a sign that your garment has reached the desired temperature and is now hygienically clean. The recommended weekly washing will help restore and maintain the professional appearance and comfort of your gown’s material.
We recommend a minimum of one OverArmor Disinfection Unit for every 2 Doctors in your office.
The antibacterial properties of OverArmor Pro gowns and scrub caps are proven to remain effective through a minimum of 50 weekly machine washing — or about one year.